AccoladePOS Verified Video™ Integration Module

If security is a concern, our optional video security module is a must. The application module will track theft, customer fraud, and record business operations. Since it is tightly integrated to point of sale, cashiering, and employee time clock functions, you can replay any event at the touch of a button. Simply search for a specific cashiering event, request the system to display the video, and view a clear, crisp, replay of the transaction. Displayed next to the video is a customer ticket for comparative side-by-side viewing of the transaction. Or monitor employee clock-in/clock-out. Since you can easily view each employee as they clock in or out, you can virtually eliminate buddy clock-in and payroll fraud. Have a question about a coupon; we record each coupon transaction to provide a visual record of the coupon exchange. How can you use this powerful system? We bet you can think of several ways already.

AccoladePOS Verified Video™

There are two proven methods to prevent losses and theft in your business: 24-hour video monitoring and the continuous tracking of all data for every point-of-sale terminal. Although this is the way it's been done for decades, it's a known fact that often a video surveillance application can be cost prohibitive, and may not effectively reduce or deter theft. Our Verified Video™ solution provides total protection for your operation. With an integrated investigation tool, all POS operations and video sources in the database are synchronized and available for playback. This tool can greatly reduce the thefts you know occurred but can't prove. Our IP-based video recording system provides continuous video recording that's linked with specific events, and addresses the needs of loss prevention and employee theft.

How does it work?

The AccoladePOS Verified Video™ system provides managers and owners with the ability to perform queries on incidents and events. Through the viewing interface, you can quickly request playback and display the associated video with receipt data on the same screen. With our easy to use interface search, drill down, and retrieval of event data with viewing of associated video and transaction receipt information couldn't be faster. Accolade recommends one camera for POS transactions, and a second camera for surveillance to provide adequate security per terminal location. There's no worry for missed events. AccoladePOS Verified Video™ starts/stops video recording automatically with the transaction from the POS terminal. Users have the ability to modify recording parameters with a wide range of resolutions and frame rates. Choose from a low 1 IPS (Image Per Second) to a very fluid 15 IPS.

AccoladePOS Verified Video™ Features

The AccoladePOS Verified Video™ solution offers the ability to:

  • Trigger activity based on receipt of specific transactions
  • Search by transaction information and view associated video with receipt data.
  • Store video and transaction data for permanent archiving on any networked recording device such as, CD-ROM, DAT tape, network drive, or printer
  • Remotely monitor restaurant operations through TCP/IP media (LAN/Intranet, Internet, or dial-up)
  • Retrieve archived video by order number, employee name, type of transaction, coupon, or discount applied date/time
  • Protection against fraudulent liability claims
  • Reliable video records can easily be sourced as evidence. Video authentication seal guarantees admissibility of evidence
  • A networked digital system with remote management capabilities permits access to every field location from home, or any web browser with access to the internet
  • Scalability: peer-to-peer architecture to meet growing business needs and store expansions

System Architectures

In the past, video integration meant buying serial interface boxes with text insertion capabilities. The POS terminal delivered the transaction data to the "black box" for processing and insertion with the corresponding video camera feed. As it was in the past, the camera was installed so a POS terminal, cashier, and buyer, were in plain view. This brought valuable POS data into the video, but did not fully address the ease of access for quick and accurate investigations. The Accolade Verified Video™ solution replaces this outdated method with state of the art high resolution IP cameras from Axis and leverages your existing network and servers for storage of video.


It's a known fact that security systems and modern Ethernet networks have been on a convergence path for several years now. As the costs of digital cameras have fallen, their implementation has risen. We at Accolade believe that the strength of your business is measured by the tools you choose to use. We've designed and engineered our solution on a platform that can grow with you. AccoladePOS Verified Video™ is a proven solution. Offered as an add-on option to our current release, with our networked IP solution there's no limit to the number of cameras or locations that can be monitored.