Accolade Spring Special for CiCi's Restaurant Operators

In response to requests for a CiCi's Restaurant POS solution which is powerful and robust yet very cost effective, AccoladePOS can now offer our Ready ‘N Fresh™ or Prime Ready software bundled with our Accolade Data Warehouse services for a low subscription fee of only  $99.00 per month.


Software - Ready ‘N Fresh™ and Prime Ready

Almost two years in testing and development specifically for CiCi’s operations, Accolade’s POS software            for CiCi’s has successfully processed over one million transactions in CiCi’s corporate and franchise restaurants. It is the standard for CiCi’s corporate stores and is fully integrated with JMC Trucking. It also provides accounting for CiCi’s gift checks, a credit card interface, with the addition of the optional PC Charge interface software, caller ID capability, payroll timekeeping, scheduling, and Weekly Sales Analysis reporting. With the ability to remotely update prices, it provides a reliable and consistent interface solution for your enterprise.


Here is how our new $99.00 per month program works:

AccoladePOS specializes in software and data storage and does not sell or service hardware. You provide the hardware and hardware support; we provide the software, software update support, data warehouse reporting and support.


Subscription / extended purchase software program

Previously, AccoladePOS Prime Ready, and Ready ‘N Fresh™ software systems were packaged and sold integrated with hardware and help desk support for a single one time purchase price. We are now proud to offer our software products in a extended purchase billing format. Billed monthly, the software includes all of the features and integration with CiCi’s JMC Trucking as our one time purchased software does and during this promotion, adds to it a subscription to the Accolade Data Warehouse reporting system for a  one (1) year trial period.

Cost per month

AccoladePOS ‘Prime Ready’ or ‘Ready ‘N Fresh’ with Accolade Data Warehouse reporting and analysis services costs only $ 99.00 per month for the first year. Billing is monthly for each month in advance with only one month required at signup.

Thereafter you will be billed $99.00 per month for the POS software and $45.00 per month for Data Warehouse service for a total of $144.00 per month for the second and third year of your subscription purchase.

If you decide not to continue Data Warehouse services then the software only cost continues at $99.00 per month to the expiration of your subscription.

Subscription Period

A thirty six month subscription period is required for the POS software. All software license fees and automatic product enhancement upgrade fees are included in the monthly price as well as business hours telephone and remote support for unusual bug reporting and analysis. You have a buy-out option which may be exercised at anytime. If you decide to exercise this option, the Ready ‘N Fresh™ software system may be purchased for the total amount of then remaining payments due to complete the subscription term, less a discount of twenty percent (20%). For example at the end of one year, with 24 months remaining, the cost would be $99 X 24 = $2376.00 less $475.20 (20%) = $1900.80. Other than making monthly payments, all other features of the subscription such as data warehouse access and software exception support, remain in effect until the end of the initial 36 month period.

Continuing Support

After the initial thirty six month subscription period you own the software license , renewal subscriptions for continuing product enhancement are priced at $29.00 per month, data warehouse continues at $45.00 per month.Should you require a more extensive 24/7 help desk support for menu programming or other operational issues, it is available for an additional $52.00 per month paid annually.

Software Installation

The complete software package is supplied on a CD with documentation and manuals for automatic installation on your system. If you choose a hardware configuration, that does not include at least 1 CD ROM reader (typical on some all-in-one terminal configurations); the software is supplied on a removable USB thumb drive memory stick.Once you receive our software shipment, and your hardware installation is complete, contact our installation support desk. They will help with initial installation of the POS software and other supporting software systems, and make sure that your remote internet access is operational and the entire system is functional and ready to begin sales. The process is automated and only requires minimal effort on your part, such as entering store numbers and names, tax rates, employee information etc.

Training - A Familiar and easy to use system

A training DVD with complete system training for both operators and administrators is also included as part of this offer. The training DVD includes video instruction on system operation with many examples and clear instruction, and is the primary training tool.

New CiCi’s Operators and team members become familiar with the Accolade software during their indoctrination and training in one of the CiCi’s training center stores. This software is used by all CiCi’s corporate locations involved with training and the transition for managers or team members to other stores with the same system will be a natural one.

Hardware that you supply

Our Accolade Ready ‘N Fresh™ software is designed to run on Windows XP based computers and may be readily installed on most off-the-shelf computer systems, as well as dedicated all-in-one workstation units from Javelin, PosiTouch, POS guys and other manufacturers. We have included some information on hardware packages from several suppliers with this letter.  The systems presented are some of the recommended choices and will give you an idea of costs etc, please contact the manufactures directly. You may also want to deal with a local supplier of hardware. We are happy to provide any information to your IT professional that can help with this decision or his knowledge of the product.

Already have POS hardware?

If you own equipment in your restaurant that meets our minimum hardware requirements, you may want to use your existing hardware and just upgrade the software package. Please contact us and we can review those options with you.

Internet Connection

We require a broad band connection to the internet. This connection is used for support and data warehouse reporting.  Internet installation and hookup is the customer’s responsibility, and may add some cost to the installation.

Data Warehouse Demo

We also encourage you to connect to review our Accolade Data Warehouse. We believe that the information presented to our subscribers is the most comprehensive, and highly detailed available, and is responsive to the needs and requests of our users.  We also provide detailed data output that will automatically integrate with Quick Bookstm, Peach Tree Accountingtm, generic payroll, and currently in development, integration for Great Plains Accountingtm .  We have set up a password and user name for you to use. Please contact our office at the number below for specifics. Click on the Accolade Data Warehouse button on the right side of the screen, then follow the directions. If you have any questions about the WEB site or demo, please give us a call at 1-800-767-1766 and we will be glad to assist.

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